Finding balance .. A great challenge that Nirvana Zen will help you achieve

6 Août, 2020

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about health and wellness? Surely you imagine a sculpted body, a beautiful face, tanned skin… However, we cannot talk about health if there is no balance, alignment or stability between our four basic pillars: our mind, emotional, physical and spiritual body.


This is the reason for Ana Campdepadrós, a girl born in Barcelona who creates the Nirvana Zen aesthetic center due to her unstoppable concerns and aspirations to help others find the balance of life through alternative therapies


The innovative idea of ​​this successful center is to offer people a proposal to access fast and effective methods in order to take charge of emotions and consequently of their body health. All this with a team of excellent professionals, who through therapies such as acupuncture, Yoga or massages use the capacity of the body and the emotional brain to restore balance.


At Nirvana Zen you can find a wide variety of services grouped into three main groups (aesthetic treatments, therapies and energetic sessions) focused on improving some aspect of your health that prevents you from achieving your optimal level of peace and happiness. Below we explain in general some of the methods used and their respective benefits so that you are encouraged to try them.


From the outside to the inside … Much more than aesthetic treatments

There is a lot of physical and economic effort that men and women in today’s environment invest to achieve that “perfect face” or “perfect skin” that society demands with great firmness. However, it should not be forgotten that as Coco Chanel said “Beauty must start from the soul and the heart, otherwise cosmetics are useless.”

It is then that Nirvana Zen says that there are many things you can do for your face, body and for yourself. The acupuncture treatments offered here, in addition to the benefits they have for your skin and the pleasant sensation they give you, also ensures the physical and mental well-being that you are looking for. And no, we are not mentioning the facial treatments that are fashionable but are made with aggressive chemicals. On the contrary, acupuncture is a thousand-year-old natural practice that by stimulating body acupressure points, our therapists release tension to reinforce the natural flow of Qi. Initially, they focus on the abdominal region where we frequently accumulate our emotional stress to reduce pain, relieve stress and anxiety, help us with insomnia, reduce allergic reactions, help with cancer treatments, promote circulation and the immune system, among many others.


Among the facial and body treatments that await you are: Facial Lifting Acu-Lifting, Cellulite, Edema, Dark Circles, Bags, Large pores, Acne, Hair loss, Toning, Hyperpigmentation, Oily Skin.

Life is just one and there is no reason to suffer. Learn about our therapies

It is not a secret that we all feel anxiety, stress and even depressive cycles from time to time and although a little stress can be positive to face great challenges, we must also know how to handle it. In this sense, behavioral therapy and other therapeutic methods used in Nirvana Zen for aches, pains, SOP and even psoriasis, involve using techniques to reduce or stop the unwanted behaviors associated with these disorders. For example, one tactic involves treating patients with relaxation and deep breathing techniques to counteract the agitation and hyperventilation (rapid, shallow breathing) that accompany certain anxiety disorders.


Aligning your chakras and freeing your soul are the goal of our energy treatments

Contrary to what its name implies, the energy treatments offered by Nirvana Zen are quite relaxing sessions where the Energy Healing technique is applied, which is a therapy that operates on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields.

It is then that, with therapies such as the Renaissance Massage “Emotional Liberation”, Shamballa “Energy Therapy” or Holistic Foot-Cranial Reflexology you will be able to integrate and harmonize the system bringing light to where you need it, working the link between the energy field (Aura) of the healer.



Now, do you want to live this whole experience more intensely?


We invite you to live an incomparable and really profitable experience in one of the relaxing retreats in Ibiza, where in addition to enjoying a private villa for 3 days, you will be able to detox your mind, body and spirit.


The renowned team of professionals at our center will take you to the state of Nirvana that you are looking for. They will provide you with a menu of excellent quality adapted to your preferences, which you will enjoy between each of the self-empowerment sessions that are scheduled during the day so that through meditations and activations you achieve the reconnection of the being.


It is then that, after this short tour through the alternative medicine treatments that are at the forefront, we invite you to finally make up your mind and give yourself a bit of that time that you so deserve. Remember that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of disease. Which implies that to preserve the proper functioning of our body, we will have to take care of the proper functioning of our mind and our emotions … So don’t think about it anymore and start living your Nirvana lifestyle.

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