Ibizas little sister: Formentera

27 Mai, 2021


It’s June, the sun is shining , it’s officially summer, so let’s go check out Ibiza’s little sister island Formentera.


As the ferry arrives into the smallest port of the 4 balearics islands, the first word that comes to mind is:




You step off the boat at La Savina port and your eyes are greeted with every shade of blue possible, and that’s just the beginning.


The magical island of Formentera is the smallest of Spain’s 4 Balearic islands, and is located just 4 miles from Ibiza.

The island doesn’t have an airport and the only way to access it is via sea. Some people arrive by boat but today we have chosen to take the public fast ferry service which only takes 30 minutes.

There are a variety of companies offering ferry services , prices are reasonable and cost around 79 Euros for a return journey.

The ferries carry both passengers and vehicles (extra charges will be charged for vehicles). There is a regular schedule and tickets can even be purchased from the office at the port.

It really is simple and straightforward to navigate your way to a mediteranean paradise.


Once your ferry leaves the port,  and Ibiza becomes land in the distance, There is nothing like the feeling of Formentera island getting closer and becoming more visible (On a good, clear sky day, you can see the island on Formentera from the shores on the port of Ibiza).


Formentera is a small , flat island which is  just 18km long and 6km wide and has around 12,000 inhabitants. The island History dates back to the bronze ages and tombs have been found that date back as far as 1900 BC.


Just like its sister island Ibiza, Formentera once made its money from the production and trade of salt.


Tourism became popular during the 1960s and 70s hippie movement and  today both islands largest income is from tourism.

Summer season is the most popular time to visit, and normally begins in May and lasts until October. Most businesses are open seasonally but some remain open all year to cater for the local residents and the few tourists that choose to visit during winter for retreats and tranquility.


Formentera shares a very similar climate to Ibiza. Summers  are hot with temperatures of 28-35 degrees and winters see the temperature fall to around 13 degree. Because it’s a very flat island it can sometimes be windy which is a blessing during the dry summer months when and on a scorching hot day (like today) the breeze is more than appreciated.


Just like Ibiza , Formentera also boasts an abundance of beaches. There are 22 beaches in total, 18 sandy beaches and four pebble beaches. If you are a fan of snorkelling don’t forget to pack your kit because the waters are perfect, and have a visibility of several meters.


The most famous and popular beach is Ses Illetes beach, which is located at the northern end of Formentera, about ten minutes northwest of the port. It has been voted one of the best beaches in the world because of its crystal clear waters and fine white sands. Ses Illetes is part of the Ses Salines natural park, and boasts an array of biodiversity and homes, saline marshes, wetlands and a marine reserve making it a nesting sanctuary for numerous species of birds, such as flamingos or peregrine falcons.


At the Most southern point of the island you will find the lighthouse of La Mola which was built in 1861, and lies 158m above sea level . The area offers magnificent panoramic views of the whole island and in 2019 the lighthouse was officially opened to the public as a free admission museum.


The Highest point of the island is the Village of El Pilar de la Mola Which rises 193 meters and is the perfect place to take in the full magnificence of the island ( and take the best pictures) On a clear day you can see all the way back to ibiza.


The island’s capital is Sant Francesc. A peaceful town with little windy streets and avenues of whitewashed buildings from the 18 th century that will take you back in time, and if you wander a little just on the outskirts of the town, you will come across  the Romanesque chapel of Sa Tanca Vella which was built in 1336 and has been restored as a historical monument.


You automatically feel the relaxed vibe as soon as you breathe in the fresh formentera air. It is a quiet and relaxed island that has lots or very little to do – you decide.  It could be an active day of walking and discovering the watch  towers, mills and beaches or a relaxed day testing out the local cuisine and sangria in the variety of restaurants.  The memories you make in Formentera will never fade. Just like the colour of the magical waters that surround it.

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