Luxury in Ibiza

4 Juillet, 2022


Ibiza, the island of luxury par excellence, has started to welcome all kinds of celebrities and visitors who come to the island ready to disconnect and soak up this air of exclusivity and luxury that surrounds everything in Ibiza.


Ibiza has a reputation as a European playground, a huge party scene of super yachts and super hot nightlife. But the island’s reputation is shifting. A new wave of island enthusiasts is carving out time on the famed clubbing calendar to explore Ibiza’s lesser-known attractions, a quieter side of green spaces, romantic landscapes and tiny coves. The population that swells in summer is discovering Ibiza is more than just its nightlife. 


Located 93 miles off the eastern coast of Spain, Ibiza is the third largest isle in the Balearic archipelago, an autonomous community of Spain. Ibiza was on the ancient trade route of the Phoenicians, the first of many civilizations that have passed through over the ages. In modern times, tourism took off here in the late 1960s and ‘70s. The tourism industry is its economic mainstay. The airport offers easy flights to the Spanish mainland and European capitals. Ferry service to Spanish coastal ports operates daily. 

Golf, seafront cafes, dozens of beaches and more than a hundred miles of coastline are reasons visitors are drawn to its shores. Even a sunset is elevated to a magical Ibizan experience.


Considering it’s such a tiny island, Ibiza has many beautiful wide beaches, sandy bays, private coves and rocky cliffs with access to the sea. Even if during summer, when most of the renowned beaches are besieged by tourists, there still some few spots where locals and visitors can enjoy some peace and quiet. But the best part is out of season, when even the most famous beaches can be blissfully deserted and residents can enjoy them. 

Here it is difficult to stress because one of the favorite features of its inhabitants is its calm and the special magic that surrounds them and not only them, but its beaches, its coves, its gastronomy, sunsets, hippy markets and endless plans with which to enjoy this paradise. All this makes the island a tourist attraction to enjoy as an exclusive holiday destination welcoming visitors from all over the world, which culturally enriches even more the essence of the white island. 

Everyone who has ever set foot on Ibiza, knows the popular saying that there are many ways to experience the island and that is why we want to focus on its most luxurious part and that attracts the most exclusive sector of each country to rejoin, especially in summer, to enjoy a dream vacation and also buy items that are unique to the island and often can not be found elsewhere in the world. In addition, the island has been recognized as one of the most luxurious in the world. 

Villa Miracle IR10569

Luxury cars are one of the objects that make people more exclusive and Ibiza makes the difference. Being exclusive in everything has a great importance and this is synonymous of luxury if you want to surround yourself with the best of the white island it is important that you take note of what we are going to advise you in this article. 


It is common if you stroll through the streets you find luxury cars like Ferrari or Porsche and the promenade of Ibiza is the center of the best cars you can get. Besides being able to enjoy a unique sunset from your yacht you can organize private parties while enjoying a bottle of champagne or during the day navigate the sea watching its spectacular scenery. 


In addition, Ibiza has the best villas in the world and the most luxurious, all adapting to the taste of the consumer and with a variety of incredible luxuries that will make you live an unforgettable experience. 

Villa Zhera IR11381

Ibiza has known how to respond, and continues to do so, to the needs of the luxury tourist. In recent years, the island has made large investments in which the price has been adjusted to the quality. The tourist who chooses Ibiza to spend his vacations pays for everything he has and also does it with great pleasure. Some of these investments have been related to the real estate sector.


The Arab tourism is one of the most important of the island and before the recovery of the tourism in the so called countries of the Arab spring, the most expert people speak that it is that same tourism the one that is going to make that the island is going to go little by little recovering.

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