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What is marketing? 

Marketing is about connecting people and creating a long-lasting win-win relationship with them.  It is as simple as that. 

To achieve this, a profound study and a very structured investigation should be done prior to the strategy plan. 

This our plan includes a fine mix of digital and offline actions using the most avant-garde tools and techniques to position not only our brand but also your product in the best place. We follow a precise ‘best actions' playbook to drive engagement, interaction and lead generation.



The market is more international than ever. Foreign investment is very present and global networks make the difference in terms of reaching the appropriate audiences. Affiliation with the top global Luxury Real Estate Networks is a key factor in reaching international markets. Working with the best leads us to becoming one of the best ourselves. 

We have been elected by them to be their representatives. This means not only global exposure but as well access to collaborating with the best agencies around the world. That is why we are proud affiliates of: 


Christie's International Real Estate 

32.000 real estate professionals / 45 countries / $118 billion sales.

Luxury Portfolio 

200-plus selected luxury associates / over 55 countries / the luxury component of Leading Real Estate Companies of the world.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the world

128,000 associates / over 55 countries /  $351 billion sales.

Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate 

130,000 professionals  / more than 70 countries / $190 billion sales.

Mayfair International Realty



We have created our new website driven by the desire to be able to give you the best user experience possible. Not only by focusing on an intuitive interface but also by making your visit more refreshing, interesting and rewarding. We would like to show you the different lifestyles, regions of the island, amenities and exceptional places we are lucky to be able to present you.

A picture is worth a thousand words and we hopefully made that clear in our design because what we want is that you enjoy your visit 

The mobile world has become so deeply involved  in our lives that we almost could consider it an extension of ourselves. Could you imagine a website that does look even better in your smartphone? Neither we can. So please take a moment to visit our website from your beloved device. 


Search Engine Optimization 

It is no secret anymore that SEO is almost everything these a days in terms of online success. A technically well made website and a series of White-Hat actions are will be helpful taking our site to the first places in the most demanded keywords in Luxury Real Estate. 


Social Media 

Today being present in Social Media is as relevant as any of the mentioned above, even more as many companies build their whole marketing strategy around them. But the must to be present in Social Media Networks does not necessarily mean being present in all the existing platforms, more importantly is it to use and to adopt the right and perfect strategy.  


Please don’t hesitate to ask for a more detailed plan about our visions, strategies and techniques.


Thank you for taking one moment to fill in the information. This will make it easier for us to find your dream property as soon as possible