Does real estate happiness happens on all levels?

16 Mai, 2019

Buying a luxury apartment in Ibiza? What would it be a Ground floor, medium level, higher level? The location of an apartment within a building is often considered an essential criteria. To know where you will be the most happy and comfortable, it all depends on your profile, your lifestyle and how you want your dream apartment to be.

Depending on the floor where your apartment is located in a building, there several factors one should look out and consider: accessibility, views, lighting, property tax, IBI, community fees, noise, privacy … and of course the price!

It’s up to you to determine what your priorities and possibilities are.

A ground floor

Surely, a ground floor will be darker than a first floor, but also much noisier and more easily accessible from the outside – which could eventually, further expose the property to potential trespassers or even burglaries.

But if your budget is limited, this type of products may interest you: the ground floor benefits from substantial discounts on average.

However, a purchaser with reduced mobility can consider a ground floor with much more interest. He or she will prefer it to a second floor with elevator, the latter risking one day or another to break down making it very difficult to access the property. But in an apartment on the ground floor, it is possible to get to your apartment, whatever happens.

Regarding unwelcome visitors, it’s up to you to discourage them by installing shutters on the windows, video surveillance and an alarm.

A ground floor with garden

Having access to a private exterior, such as a backyard or even better, a small garden, can be certainly a plus. What better to accept the disadvantages of a ground floor once spring has arrived such as holding barbecues and family gatherings.

You have a cat or a pooch? This location will make you a happy for sure, your four-legged friend will be able to enter and leave freely from the front door or sometimes through the backyard. Two separate entrances at your disposal.

Nevertheless, the lack of light, privacy and security could be considered unacceptable by some buyers, so make sure you take a good look around and look after sun orientation. Look up to find your happiness.


A high floor

No neighbors above your apartment? Sounds fantastic isn’t it? For some, it’s the promise of a peaceful everyday life that they are looking for more than anything. Not to mentions the magnificent views you may get from being high above ground. But for this kind of products, everything also depends on the presence or absence of an elevator.

The value of an apartment located on the 4th, 5th or 6th floor without elevator will not be impacted because this type of property is often intended for young people or rental investment. However, a family apartment of 3 or 4 rooms will not cost the same price depending on the presence or not in the building of an elevator, to easily take children, stroller, shopping, furniture or suitcases upstairs!


A last floor

Penthouse in mind? That’s a fabulous choice. Very lit properties and usually come with huge terraces to enjoy sunbathing or cozy evenings. However, check the insulation before buying it because in times of high heat, you may have a hard time coping with high temperatures or having to pay astronomical electricity bills for your air conditioning system. If no provision has been made for this, add the insulation work in the negotiation process to lower the purchase price.

In any case, you can always count with one of our real estate experts at Estela Exclusive homes. We will help you find your dream home at the right level, we work hand in hand with our customers in each of the steps to advise and clarify any doubts that may arise and provide all the information on practical, legal and financial aspects of your purchase experience of your exclusive home in Ibiza.

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