Changes are on their way to stay…

20 Marzo, 2020

The beginning of change

We’ve been taken by surprise.  It all had to stop.  The virus that we thought would never reach us is now all over the world.

It’s amazing how after very few days of confinement and after the Government statement saying that it might take longer before we can again enjoy being outside, we can watch how people react to this situation. Our relationships and our jobs will suffer many problems that we will have to solve as soon as possible. When will we finally be able to resume a normal life?  But most everyone I know is assuming that this is a very powerful moment in time.

The tremendous pace of our lives has stopped.  Luckily, we have our mobile phones, our computers, and people can see each other using different applications. We can work at home. We can connect with the people we love.


And love is showing up in the big cities and everywhere else. At 8pm to encourage and thank all the people who are working in our health care system, everyone gathers on their balconies and at their windows to send a big ovation to these workers.  This is something I look forward to:  my emotions bubble up when the soft noise of clapping starts, and I feel stronger because there are so many more like me in this situation.


And change continues…

Staying at home will become a way to reinvent our life.  It seemed that the days wouldn’t go by fast enough, but somehow jokes are spreading all over: one guy claims he will need a vacation after this confinement because there are too many things to do in one day. Work, dance classes on internet, meditations to stay centered, and many other teachings, even for free.

It all depends on ourselves. We must learn to cope with this situation the best we can. We constantly worry about our family and friends who go out to buy our food and the necessary products we need, and we hope that they don’t catch the virus.  We end up cleaning our homes, taking care of ourselves and our environment which is reduced to the space we live in.  And for the time being it’s not advisable to go to the hospital for several reasons. There are all kinds of advices and measures to take, to stay healthy during this pandemic.

What can we expect from these changes?

And the good news is that there is balance in this situation.  Parents are playing more with their kids. We have enough time to personally help them with their homework. And we are getting to know our children while we confront this different and new circumstance.

Some are wondering how their aging parents are doing at their Retirement home or wondering when we will have a normal lifestyle again. I am learning like everyone else that life has its own pace and time and that there will be big lessons for every being on earth to experience whether we like it or not.

Sometimes we are at ease and our creative gifts are starting to flow again. In our homes there are less distractions and we can listen to birds chirping gayly in the early hours of the day instead of rushing and spending time in traffic going to the office.  And the wind moving through the branches of trees and the rain falling on the land, and our spirit can suddenly fly.  I can soak up the sunlight as it comes through my window in my bedroom or on my balcony.

And what is happening globally?

In the daily news, we are learning that the cause and effects of this situation are many and very significant.  Scientists are proving that the pollution has started to recede in various locations. Our ecosystems seem to be returning to normal and dolphins are showing up in places where they hadn’t been in a long time.

We belong on this big planet and I feel grateful that our environment will also improve since pollution is detrimental for our health, for our children, for our waters and for the earth.

It’s also important to understand that it could be a blessing this happened during the springtime in Spain.  Nature is calling us to stop. That there is a different way to live our lives.  The magic of springtime will burst out in many different colors and perfumes to our delight and we will recognize how blessed we are to live on this beautiful and incredible living being, mother earth.

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