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Ibizas little sister: Formentera

Ibizas little sister: Formentera 11

  It’s June, the sun is shining , it’s officially summer, so let’s go check out Ibiza’s little sister island Formentera.   As the ferry arrives into the smallest port of the 4 balearics islands, the first word that comes to mind is:    WOW!   You step off the boat at La Savina port […]

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27 Maggio, 2021

Ibiza town – the past and the present

Ibiza town – the past and the present 17

If you arrive into Ibiza on a daylight flight and you’re lucky enough to have prebooked a window seat, you are in for a magical experience. As the aircraft makes its final approach to land onto the island, be eyes ready because before your eyes will emerge the wonderful island of Ibiza and its capital […]

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4 Maggio, 2021

6 facts about ibiza you didn’t already know

6 facts about ibiza you didn't already know 24

The island of Ibiza, is often referred to as the Magical White Isle, Its known worldwide for its white sandy beaches, turquoise clear waters and an electric nightlife that can sometimes be indescribable because: “you just had to be there!!” In this week’s blog we will take a look at some of the unfamiliar facts […]

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31 Marzo, 2021

Ibiza’s unusual animal residents

Ibiza's unusual animal residents 30

When you think of Ibiza, animals are not the first thing that springs to mind. The only zoo on the island is no longer the home of animals and has been famously converted into a flamboyant festival space, however Ibiza has a magnificent array of animals that also get to call this magical island home, […]

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8 Marzo, 2021

Curiosities of Ibiza

Curiosities of Ibiza 34

Ibiza is an island that has a lot to offer to its visitors and locals. This small Balearic island, located 79 km east of the Iberian Peninsula, is full of magical places, exquisite gastronomy, paradisiacal islands, and of course, it also has its curiosities. Surely, the first curiosity you already know, Ibiza is one of […]

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2 Febbraio, 2021