Perfect places to watch the moon in Ibiza

4 Febbraio, 2019

Beautiful Ibiza, has so much to offer! Did you know that the island’s east coast has some of the best views of the moon rising? There are plenty of places to see the full moon, but what if you want a more secluded view? Yet again, the White Isle has something for everyone.


The full moon in Ibiza is a really special occasion, so here’s some of our secret island knowledge on just a few of the best places to see this magical event in its true brilliance and glory. 


Cala Tranquila is a lovely little bay close to Cap Martinet. It has very few visitors which is surprising as it has easy access by road and foot. During the recent blood moon eclipse in Ibiza, this spot was perfect to watch the rise of the moon followed by the full spectacle. The event unfolded with a perfect view, watched atop the cliff that rises above the sand. With just the whisper of the wind and the soft splashes of the waves below, it was a dreamy experience that would be amazing at any time during the moons cycle.



Es Vedra is a stunning islet just off of the south west coast of Ibiza. Although you can’t see the moon rise from here, you can watch it glide through the sky above you, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Ibicenco countryside. There is very little unnatural light here, so it’s a great place to star gaze with sights of shooting stars are frequent!



Babylon Beach near to Santa Eulalia is a great viewpoint in Ibiza for the full moon. The iridescent light on the water is really a romantic sight, and you can enjoy fabulous cocktails and entertainment during their infamous full moon parties. The waves crash dramatically below this rustic venue and the salt air hangs heavy in the rafters. If you like your full moon experience with live music and a heady atmosphere, this is the place for you!



After the festivities it could be time to get back to serenity. A short walk north from here up the coastline brings you to Cala Pada. The silver sand is flat here and a great place to watch that luminous moon climb through the midnight blue sky. The fragrant pine trees enveloping this shimmering cove are an endearing reminder of the simple ways of life that Ibiza was once known for.




Whether you choose a moonlit stroll on a peaceful beach, or a celebration of the moon at one of the islands many full moon events, you will be amazed at the unforgettable experience it is here in Ibiza.

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