Does real estate happiness happens on all levels?

Buying a luxury apartment in Ibiza? What would it be a Ground floor, medium level, higher level? The location of an apartment within a building is often considered an essential criteria. To know where you will be the most happy and comfortable, it all depends on your profile, your lifestyle and how you want your […]


16 Mai, 2019

New decree law of rent in Spain

The new royal decree law of urgent measures in the field of housing and rent introduces as a novelty a state index of reference on the rental of housing, links the increases to the IPC and allows that there may be bonuses, mainly in the Real Estate Tax (IBI) . However, the royal decree – […]


28 März, 2019

Protecting Posidonia to Preserve Ibiza and Formentera’s Land and Sea

Ibiza and Formentera’s crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches are famous around the world and enjoyed by locals and millions of visitors every year. What makes our waters so clear and beaches so beautiful lives and breathes at the bottom of the sea. Posidonia oceanica, a seagrass endemic to the Mediterranean, forms vast underwater meadows that […]


21 März, 2019

Ibiza: From the 60’s until now

Ibiza is a place full of fascinating stories to tell, it is not surprising that it is a destination known all over the world, since it is the cradle of the hippie movement, and has been the place of inspiration and rest for countless artists and public figures.   It all started in the 50s, […]


14 März, 2019