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6 wonderful things to do on rainy days in Ibiza

You go on vacation to Ibiza and suddenly it starts to rain. You panic because you think your vacation is ruined and you will not be able to enjoy the wonderful island. Although it doesn’t usually rain too much when it does it can spoil the established plan you had. But there is no reason […]


2 Mai, 2022

The most exclusive clothing stores in Ibiza

Luxury goes hand in hand if we talk about Ibiza and it is not surprising that there we can find the most exclusive and luxurious brands in Spain that are a must if you visit the island. That is why we want to recommend you some of the most sought after and prestigious stores that […]


29 März, 2022

The most exotic coves of Ibiza

There are only a few months left for summer and now more than ever we want to help you choose the best possible destination to rest after such an exhausting year, and what better destination could there be than Ibiza? The white island has become the most exclusive island to take a break and disconnect […]


3 März, 2022

The most romantic plans to do in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the favorite destinations for couples who want to disconnect from the world and the stress of the city, from watching sunsets to get lost in its streets makes this island full of plans to do as a couple and in which to make the most of this wonderful corner. Sometimes planning […]


2 Februar, 2022

Atlantis in Ibiza

You might think that Atlantis is just a mythical lost city in the Atlantic Ocean. Think again, because in the southeast part of Ibiza there is a real, tangible and stony Atlantis that you can visit, free of charge.  But the Atlantis we are talking about here is not a beach, nor a bay or […]


8 Januar, 2022
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