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15 International recipes to try this Christmas!

15 International recipes to try this Christmas! 31

The time of the year where the food is the highlight is approaching. Even how much the thought of your traditional food fills your heart and waters your mouth, do you dare to invite new tastes to this years christmas parties?    We live on an island with a big international community. Spanish, Germans, Italians, […]


23 November, 2021

Yoga in Ibiza

Yoga in Ibiza 47

Now that there is less clubbing on the island,  there is more space to turn inwards.    To be in nature.  To find your balance.  To cleanse the body.  To do some yoga.    Either if yoga is totally new for you or if Mayurasana is something you do first thing in the morning, you […]


5 November, 2021

The Stars Above Ibiza

The Stars Above Ibiza 55

Direct observations are astronomical observations made with the naked eye, i.e. without the use of telescopes or other instruments. So we can say that direct astronomical observation is looking up at the sky and appreciating its wonders.   Ibiza and Formentera are popular locations for astrophotography lovers. Besides generally clear skies and little light pollution, […]


28 September, 2021
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