Modern architectural styles of homes in Ibiza


Ibiza architecture is many things to many people. One person may conjure up images of rustic fincas surrounded by farmland; another dreams of sleek and chic modern villas while yet another thinks of the white-washed walls and terracotta rooftops of Ibiza’s old town. Here is our definitive list of the top ten sought after architectural […]


4 Juni, 2019

Does real estate happiness happens on all levels?

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Buying a luxury apartment in Ibiza? What would it be a Ground floor, medium level, higher level? The location of an apartment within a building is often considered an essential criteria. To know where you will be the most happy and comfortable, it all depends on your profile, your lifestyle and how you want your […]


16 Mai, 2019

The origin of Roca Llisa

The origin of Roca Llisa

  Located halfway between the city of Ibiza and the town of Santa Eulalia, between Jesús and Cala Llonga, the Roca Llisa Gated Community, considered the number 1 on the island, being a luxury enclave on the island, contrasts a lot with life “Busy” of other centers in its surroundings.   Conceived and built at […]


9 Mai, 2019

The charm of Dalt Vila

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The walls of Dalt Vila, as we know them today, were built in the sixteenth century by order of Philip II. He was aware of the importance of Ibiza, both strategic because of its privileged position in the Mediterranean Sea, and because of the value of its resources, especially the salt from Ibiza, which is […]


12 April, 2019