Tourist Licenses in Ibiza

  Welcome to our Ibiza real estate blog! On this occasion, we are pleased to share with you crucial information about tourist licenses for villas on this beautiful island. If you are considering renting or buying a villa for your vacation in Ibiza, it is essential to understand the process and importance of obtaining a […]

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28 July, 2023

Flying in a Helicopter to Ibiza

Ever dreamed of soaring above the azure waters, sandy beaches, and rolling hills of Ibiza on your way? I am here to guide you seamlessly through the journey, ensuring your helicopter ride is as straightforward and enjoyable as it could be. Availability of Taxi Helicopters Before we get into the details, let’s address the big […]

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27 July, 2023

Modern architectural styles of homes in Ibiza


Ibiza architecture is many things to many people. One person may conjure up images of rustic fincas surrounded by farmland; another dreams of sleek and chic modern villas while yet another thinks of the white-washed walls and terracotta rooftops of Ibiza’s old town. Here is our definitive list of the top ten sought after architectural […]

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4 June, 2019

Does real estate happiness happens on all levels?

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Buying a luxury apartment in Ibiza? What would it be a Ground floor, medium level, higher level? The location of an apartment within a building is often considered an essential criteria. To know where you will be the most happy and comfortable, it all depends on your profile, your lifestyle and how you want your […]

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16 May, 2019
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