Fish, lobsters, shellfish and much more .. All together in the best gastronomic fairs in Ibiza!

21 August, 2020

If you are in Ibiza or are already planning your next vacation to this destination where you are surely going for its tropical beauty and unbeatable atmosphere, we would like to tell you that you still have the opportunity to enjoy of a benefit that although it is appreciated by all, tourists they do not take full advantage of it… their food.


Maybe you think that this is not true and that you have already tried the food of the white island and that in fact, it is really succulent and fresh. However, we want to give you an advantage over those who think like you, since, even when Ibiza has world-renowned restaurants and which you should not miss, the key to their success comes from the raw material they use and to your surprise, on the island there are various fairs or contests where those ingredients are the protagonists of the show.


It is then that, in these events you will only find food of the best quality in an environment so fun that even tourists who are not food lovers (if there is one) will want to go and enjoy this increasingly famous experience just for the magic of its essence.


Below we will tell you the names of some of these gastronomic festivals that you cannot miss:



First things first … Nothing like a good squid at the squid fair

San Carlos is the place where one of the most famous gastronomic events on the island takes place and for the last 4 years the squid fair has become the center of attraction for its delicious food and for the more than 8,500 dishes distributed with this cephalopod that is prepared in all the ways you can imagine ..


From approximately 11 am you can arrive with your whole family and enjoy a different day listening to a concert, shopping at the market, playing in the children’s area or if you are like us … just eating. Ah! We almost forgot it, it is a tradition that this fair takes place in October so you are still in time to enjoy it this year.



Now let’s go with the charm of Spain: its rice .. Meet the Matanzas World Rice Competition Sant Antoni Festivities

This World Championship is a visually appealing and entertaining spectacle due to its stubborn competition open to everyone to see who is the person that will become the new king or queen of rice.

This is one of the pioneering fairs in gastronomic terms, since it has been held for more than 7 years during the month of January on Calle Rosell, Sant Antoni. It is then that this place is filled with coffee stations and Iberian herbs, stalls with the contestants and these teams invite their friends to eat and by friends they refer to anyone who wants to enjoy this delicious rice .. Come and live it yourself!



Fira de la Llangosta, prawn and peix d’Eivissa: You can’t ask for more

Lobster of our hearts, how we love you and more when you come with succulent prawns and “piex fort” fresh from the sea, which is a fish that intelligently loves to live near the island and therefore, becomes the central star of many Mediterranean dishes.


This fair aims to publicize the star products of the Pitiusan coasts and their gastronomy in a fun and educational way and it is held in April, between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Passeig de la Mar de Sant Antoni. Here you can enjoy boat trips, music and traditional dishes rooted in our cuisine such as “guisat de peix”, fishermen’s recipes such as lobster with garlic and fried eggs, or innovative dishes with more humble fish such as gató with vegetables confit with vinegar… A culinary delight worthy of admiration.


Not everything ends here, but there are so many gastronomic shows that strategically choose Ibiza as its headquarters that it would take us a book and more to be able to mention all of them. However, the Gerret d’Eivissa fair is another event you should attend. Sant Jaume on Santa Eulalia street is the final scene of this fair that begins with the arrival of the llaüt full of ‘gerret’, a fish that is later taken to the Plaza de España with a traditional cart to then welcome to the ‘ brulada de corn ‘and the’ ball pagès’, which are only the beginning of gastronomic tastings in the open-air stalls.


So now you know, gastronomy is now another of the great attractions of the island of Ibiza so loved by all. In this sense and due to the quality of the products, culture and gastronomic tradition that come from the fusion of history, ingredients and indigenous recipes that allow to have an immense wealth, we invite you to that regardless of the time of year in which you go to Ibiza and the area where you are, visit some of these fairs and competitions and have a great day with your whole family.

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