Fun, relaxation and magical experiences .. Cala Conta is all in one.

3 September, 2020

We know that there are many who have had the privilege of witnessing the magical moments that can only be experienced in the landscapes of Ibiza, especially in its beaches and coves of unequaled beauty. However, as all good things should be shared and because we love the idea that the community of admirers of the island is the largest in the world, today we want to show you an appetizer of what awaits you when you walk through its dazzling waters and white sands.


It is said that those who enjoy a swim in the sea are divided into two groups: those who do not change the fun and energy of a busy beach and those who always bet on the relaxation and calm that only coves and salt flats offer. We belong to a third group characterized because it is impossible for us to have a favorite. Surely you are one of us but as there is so much information, tricks and infinite paradisiacal destinations on the white island, today we want to focus only on the benefits of one of the most visited and famous coves … Cala Conta.

The first thing you should know is that the Beaches of Conta are formed by two pleasant coves, Cala Conta and Racó d’en Xic, both are surrounded by islets and merge to form an image worthy of admiration. You can get there in fours different ways: by car, bus, private boat or ferry during the summer, which depart regularly from the port of San Antonio or from its station.


If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit this destination, start organizing your luggage and get ready to enjoy it in style. Also, remember that its fabulous islands and crystal waters make it one of the most visited coves in August, but this will not be a problem for  you to relax down the sun and spend a few hours in the water with your family and friends, since, in the early hours of the morning or after 4 in the afternoon, its flow slows a little and the calm is felt.


It all sounds great but … What else can you do besides sunbathing? Can I go with children and have them enjoy it as much as I do?


Cala Conta is a perfect place for the whole family. Have no doubts about it. There you can find spaces and activities for each one, since there are two extensions of sand, one protected by the rocky coast and the other by sand dunes, so the space to play with rackets, balls or even make a small castle sand will be small but more than enough.

Additionally, its areas of shallow and transparent water are perfect for the little ones to have fun safely. However, if you are an adult and you like to go a little further, you must be very cautious because in the depths there are very strong watercourses, so reaching the islet in front of the beach can be a challenge even for skilled swimmers. Also, there are rocky areas on the seabed that make Cala Conta attractive for snorkeling.


And don’t pick up your towel too soon, since Cala Conta is also one of the best beaches to watch the sunset. You can enjoy this precious moment from the shore with all those who gather there or if you prefer a bit of exclusivity and privacy, you can rent a yacht and enjoy it from the water.


And why stop enjoying this oasis? Cala Conta has excellent restaurants and accommodations nearby


Good Mediterranean and international food, Dj’s with music that enliven the amazing sunsets, panoramic views, exotic design decoration and of course how close it is to the cove are some of the many attractions that make the Sunset Ashram restaurant an excellent option to visit with your travel group. There is also another two great options: the Chiringuito of Cala Escondida and the restaurant S’Illa des Bosc.

Likewise, you will also have the possibility of arriving by car to San Antonio Bay and San Antonio, since there are only a few kilometers from the cove and these offer a range of accommodation options that adapt to the needs of each person. You can choose between private apartments / villas that allow you to feel like home and are the best option for families or large groups.


We invite you to put Cala Conta on your list of visits and recreational activities for your next getaway. This beautiful destination is a piece of the mediterranean that is worth knowing and enjoying. If you are thinking of disconnecting from work and from the routine of our daily life, or if you are looking to spend days and nights partying, this is the ideal place … Are you ready?


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