Ibiza: From the 60’s until now

14 März, 2019

Ibiza is a place full of fascinating stories to tell, it is not surprising that it is a destination known all over the world, since it is the cradle of the hippie movement, and has been the place of inspiration and rest for countless artists and public figures.


It all started in the 50s, a time when the children of wealthy families set out on the run-in search of adventures and new experiences, at that time they were known as “beats”. These are the ones that later in the 60s gave way to the hippies, a movement that spread throughout the planet.



In the 60s Ibiza became very fashionable among young Spaniards and they began to choose it as a retirement destination and to get in touch with nature, harmony and that mystical point of the white island fit perfectly in a moment in which the Franco regime had lowered its hardness. Many of them lived in a commune in the interior of Ibiza and organized street markets, which can still be seen, for example, in the Las Dalias market, or in the murals of Atlantis or in the Punta Galera cove.



In the 70s, Ibiza continued to be hooked on the hippie essence, but this new style that would adopt the island became what is known as Adlib fashion. This style proposed light, wide and comfortable clothes, with embroidery and ruffles, but always the rigorous white. That’s where the famous white of Ibiza fashion comes from and the eternal flower power of Pachá.



In the 80s the clubbing movement was unleashed and for many Ibiza it housed the best clubs in the world, one of the most representative symbols of the moment was the KU, considered the most beautiful club in the world for many.


As a result of this influx of people on the island, the concept of the beach club was brought, which became a space where they could have a good time during the golden age of the 80s.

Another of the clubs where the club culture was lived was Amnesia, which ended up specializing in house. Little by little this movement of the clubbing was dying, but Ibiza has remained as a leading destination in the area of ​​nightclubs and nightlife, in addition to maintaining the magic that makes the island so special.



As a result of that golden age, nowadays in Ibiza there are spectacular houses with a traditional Ibizan design of the 60s, 70s and 80s in which you can breathe an unmistakable hippie atmosphere. In addition, with all the money the island made, people from all over the world fixed their second home in Ibiza, and for that reason there are countless beautiful villas hidden throughout the island. In Estela Exclusive Homes we have a wide range of Ibiza properties full of history wishing to be discovered.


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