In Ibiza Autumn is the new Spring

16 April, 2020



What’s going on?

Our world is on pause right now.   We read all the information we can to try to figure out what is in store for our future.  The world is under a temporal arrest.  But soon, in a couple of months we will start living our lives hopefully as before.

Will we be able to?  Our future is unpredictable right now.  We are facing a global recession, a turnover in the way we were living our lives until now.

This is something good right?  Although we are going to face tremendous challenges, and many people are going to need our help in so many ways.  Somehow, we must face ourselves.  Are we capable of helping each other? Of helping the planet? Of being responsible and planning in advance so the future is sustainable?

Is there anybody going to help?

 We will need help from all the Gurus out there. In his famous Financial Times article “The world after coronavirus” Yuval Noah Harari says “We can choose to protect our health and stop the coronavirus epidemic not by instituting totalitarian surveillance regimes, but rather by empowering citizens….

But to achieve such a level of compliance and co-operation, you need trust. People need to trust science, to trust public authorities, and to trust the media. Over the past few years, irresponsible politicians have deliberately undermined trust in science, in public authorities and in the media. Now these same irresponsible politicians might be tempted to take the high road to authoritarianism, arguing that you just cannot trust the public to do the right thing.  Normally, trust that has been eroded for years cannot be rebuilt overnight. But these are not normal times. In a moment of crisis, minds too can change quickly.”

Trust is an important key to our future evolution as a species.  Trust is something we feel in our bodies, something we acknowledge in our heart, and the vibration we send out when we love.

Our world needs fixing – it doesn’t have to be destroyed again…we can reconduct our behavior.  We will have to and quickly.  The exact mixture to this is respect, generosity, education, patience and a knowing that we are immensely abundant.  We must become humble enough to recognize that there are things that must change.  A heart full of gratitude can do miracles.

Ibiza could be the oasis during this crisis.

 Why? Because Ibiza is different.  There is something in the island that makes it a cooking pot for future tendencies in the world.  Ever since the soldiers fleeing the Vietnam War escaped to Ibiza and the hippy movement started, there have been many other extraordinary things that have happened in Ibiza and were afterwards imitated throughout the world.  The latest example could be David Guetta the famous DJ who gets paid 500 euros per minute.  But it’s not the money that gets the wheels turning.  It’s the magic that is inherent in this island that has been inhabited since the prehistoric bronze age.  People notice the energy on this island as soon as you step on the ground.  You feel at home, at ease. As if there was a bubble covering the island and no intruders could get in. Ibiza is a small but powerful island.


I encourage everyone to not cancel reservations, but to change them to the Autumn months.  The weather is delicious at this time of the year in Ibiza. I believe that every company is working on changing flights, reorganizing their business plans, vacation plans and with a little bit of optimism, we can count on having some time to do the things we love and enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful turquoise sea and soft sandy beaches in one of the most special islands in the world.


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