The most romantic plans to do in Ibiza

2 Februar, 2022

Ibiza is one of the favorite destinations for couples who want to disconnect from the world and the stress of the city, from watching sunsets to get lost in its streets makes this island full of plans to do as a couple and in which to make the most of this wonderful corner.

Sometimes planning everything is complicated so we want to help you by making a list of romantic plans to do on the white island.

The quintessential plan of Ibiza is undoubtedly to watch the sunset. This island has one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see as well as wonderful beaches to enjoy them. You can also enjoy the sunset having a drink in some of its lounges located near the sea. If what you like most is to enjoy a different sunset you can go to the Natural Park of Ses Salines and see the flamingos while the sun is reflected in the ponds, creating an impressive mirror effect. It is also common to see the flamingos there especially in summer time and taking a photo there is a sure winner in your social networks.

In Cala Benirras you can experience a ritual with drums that has been done for many years. In Cala Comta which is one of the most mythical coves of the island is another star place to watch the sunset as in the Café del Mar, located next to the beach of Sant Antoni de Portmany.

If what you want is to enjoy an intimate sunset your choice is undoubtedly the viewpoint of San Penya Esbarrada, the views from this place are unforgettable.


Something that will surprise you a lot if you decide to stroll through its streets is its cathedral, we recommend that you rent a car to spend your stay in Ibiza and so you can climb to the top of the city to see from there the spectacular views not only of the cathedral but the beautiful architecture that surrounds the city and the white color that dominates all its streets, also its mountains have spectacular viewpoints where you can take the best pictures and enjoy a moment of rest and peace. 


It goes without saying that one of the main attractions of the white island is its party and nightlife, its macro discos are known worldwide and are also recognized as one of the best in the world. Besides that we want to recommend you the nightlife that is in its promenade full of bars, cocktail bars, pubs areas … is a different plan to do but very surprising if what you want is to enjoy but away from the crowds. Also don’t forget to take a night bath watching the moonlight… undoubtedly one of the most romantic plans you can do.

Portrait of happy couple doing snorkeling

The romantic does not have to be separated from the adventure and Ibiza is full of water sports to practice from scuba diving to a boat trip around the island and watch the sunset with your partner and an excellent champagne.


Another of the most romantic plans and requested by visitors to the island is to go to Formentera to spend the day as it takes only 30 minutes by boat. It is a round trip the same day but it is certainly worth it to enjoy a different day full of charm.


One of the favorite plans of the white island is to stroll through its famous hippy markets where everything is possible and anything goes. The streets of Ibiza are dressed in white clothes to stroll through its market that seems to have no limit and has a charm that will undoubtedly make you fall in love.


How could we forget the typical food from Ibiza as there are few things better than savoring a good plate of food with your partner and with the spectacular views that Ibiza offers

As a recommendation it is essential that you try a typical dish, the bullit de peix, which is a kind of fish soup that gives you energy to face any day . It has a very particular flavor and is usually served with a little pasta in addition to pieces of fish. Another typical dish is the sofrit pages which is a stir-fry with pieces of lamb, chicken or pork.


We could not finish this post without recommending you to visit the promenade of Ibiza not only for its famous nightclubs but because there are the most prestigious stores on the island is perfect to spend a day with your partner enjoying shopping and exclusive products that you can only find there, luxury takes over every corner of the street and it is common to see the best cars driving around the city displaying luxury for every millimeter. In addition, if you want to meet the most influential people this is the right place.

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