Christmas in Ibiza

4 Dicembre, 2019

In Ibiza, not everything is party. When summer comes to an end and the world’s most famous clubs close, the island offers another face, tourism linked to culture and its traditions.

Ibiza in Christmas is different.

In Christmas there is a new atmosphere. Many people from the island return to spend the holidays with their family, places are not crowded, and the accommodation price goes down considerably.

The cultural offer is very wide in Ibiza but the visit to the old town, Dalt Vila, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999, is a mandatory stop for any visitor. It is the best-preserved fortified city of the Renaissance era.

If what you want is to enjoy the natural and rural landscapes of Ibiza, the perfect plan is to rent a car and explore the small villages or get lost by doing some trekking around of Santa Eulària or Sant Miquel mountains.

Christmas in Ibiza startsthe2nd of December when Ibiza town holds its Christmas illumination and the ‘Nadal’ spirit goes until the 6th of January (Día de los Reyes Magos or Feast of the Three Kings), where an annual kings parade takes place. On the night of the 5th, kids line up on the streets as the 3 wise men on huge floats parade through the streets of Ibiza town and throw gifts of sweets and chocolates.

Another of the great attractions of Ibiza at Christmas is gastronomy. Eating a ‘sofrit pagès’ in San Rafael restaurant, or a good snack in the heat of the fireplace of the Costa Bar in Santa Gertrudis, is an unforgettable experience. And for finishing your meal, the traditional ‘Nadal Sauce’, a typical Christmas dessert made with an old traditional recipe unique in Spain, is one of the dishes you have to try.

If your choice for Christmas is shopping and discovering traditions, there are a couple of Christmas markets all around Ibiza. Throughout the month of December, Las Dalias Restaurant is transformed every day into a Mercat de Nadal. Hot snacks, mulled wine and a flourishing local community that make this place a fantastic place for social gathering. Kids can also enjoy the activities that are set for them and even a meet-and-greet with Santa while the adults enjoy shopping.

But specially, if you go to Ibiza in December, you can’t miss the beauty and charm of the beaches of Ibiza in winter: empty and with a clean and transparent water. You will never forget them.

 Finally, if your plan is to spend the New Year’s Eve in Ibiza, you will find some party and fun times as well. You should know that in Spain there are many classic traditions that you can’t miss. Don’t get afraid!

As the clock ticks down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, everyone across Spain pack into their city’s main plazas or into their family’s or friend’s living room to watch the clock chime midnight. As the hour draws near, every man, woman, child, grandma and grandpa will be clinging to twelve green grapes. Yes, twelve grapes! Each of these twelve grapes are said to represent each month of the year. With every chime of the clock at midnight, Spaniards eat one grape to bring one month of luck in the new year. It is a race to swallow all 12 before the clock stops chiming. You probably end up with the twelve in your mouth at the same time, but don’t worry this is normal. Just try not to start laughing so the disaster is terrible!

If your New Year’s resolution is to fall in love this year, then make sure you ring in the new year wearing red underwear! In some parts of Spain, this cupid-calling good luck charm only works if the underwear were gift. In others, you must give your festive underpants away by the end of the night for the love potion to work!

Apart of all the traditions, Ibiza at the last night of the year is very magical and can be enjoyed in many ways: in the Ibizan countryside, in a beach restaurant, in a yacht club or in the heart of the city. The options are varied, as are the after-dinner parties.

To end a proper Ibizan night, you can always go for dinner to a trendy restaurant where food is accompanied by some musical performance, always with ‘cotillón’. And of course, you can drink and dance while saying to the year at a disco restaurant, with some cabaret shows or with the most important DJs in the world. The Ibiza night will not disappoint you in any way!


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