If there is something that you cannot miss in Ibiza, in addition to beaches and parties, it is alternative therapies. Do you want to start now?

23 Settembre, 2020

It is really controversial that in most of the countries, it is still perceived that “conventional” or western medicine is an alternative that, although it has more value every day due to its efficiency, still does not equate to fame and use that has pharmaceutical medicine. We believe that one of the reasons is because the traditional modality has been practiced for several decades while the clinical or modern one is much newer and better marketed.


Now, as all good things must be enjoyed, fortunately thanks to the internet, globalization and the evolution of technology, the ties or relationship between both types of health treatment modalities has been strengthened. It is then that, today we want you to know a little more about the amount of preventive and healing therapies that you can enjoy and that you will surely love. If to all of this you add the possibility of trying them in Ibiza, which is an island that is well known for its aura healing environment of peace and relaxation, the chances for you to align your chakras and to achieve your Zen point will be even bigger.


It is then that, if you like to take care of your mind, soul and body from a more natural or holistic approach and that also integrates all your perceptions, desires, emotions and thoughts, Ibiza is the ideal place for you because if there is something that can not be doubted is that the white Island is a privileged and magical place for the spirit.


Keep reading and learn about the centers and techniques that are giving the best results on the island:


If you are staying in Santa Eulalia and want to improve your health and beauty .. Pranathy awaits you


Beyond being an ecological store where you will find natural food and personal care items designed to take care of your health from the inside, this charming place is also at the forefront in terms of the most advanced mechanisms and techniques to not only cure your current ailments , but to prevent many of them that normally come with age.


In this sense, within this beautiful space decorated under ecology and naturalism schemes, you will also have access to products such as incense, candles, healthy chocolates and protein snacks .. All this while its professionals advise you in a personalized way so that you can, based on your case, practice methodologies such as relaxing and soothing massages, osteopathy, modern Alphabiotic Alignments, highly recommended by those who have enjoyed them and others a little deeper such as the striking energy activation of spiritual sanction or the ThetaHealing technique, which accesses and transforms problems that limit our existence at the work, economic or any area of our life.


With more than 32 years of experience and a lot of professional training, Pranathy and its owners Tanit and Lorena, strive so that their environment is full of affection, dedication and good service, so regardless of the reason why you have attended their facilities, we assure you that you will leave with much more than that .. sounds good, right?


It’s time to reward your body .. With its excellent service, Pilates Ibiza is willing to change your life forever.

With various licenses and certificates that support their knowledge and being one of the members of the great Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) network, the entire Pilates Ibiza team awaits you to guide you and help you improve your well-being no matter how light and superficial or deep/big problem you may be facing.


In the Talamanca area is this health center that has extremely extensive spaces and trained with the best equipment on the market. Here they will wait for you so you can get started in the fascinating worlds of yoga and Pilates, which, as you may know, are disciplines that make it easy for you to stay in shape and that also treat problems of low back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, hernias and stress or anxiety. In addition, it is ideal for pregnant women and their hormonal and physical change process.


Not everything is there, since here they also give you the opportunity to use Japanese techniques of pressure on the body to soothe ailments such as Shiatsu massage and of course, tools to make your skin have a luxurious appearance, since, thanks To their high technology, they are experts in facial treatments., Even lifting without surgery.


Learn about the benefits of biodeprogramming in There Sarribas a Innovation at its finest

There Sarribas is the spot of Ibiza where you will find the biodeprogramming therapy, which is a revolutionary method that was created in order to heal all kinds of physical and mental illnesses, as well as to positively change the destiny of people. It is then that, it is time to go to There Sarribas and solve your relationship, sexual, economic problems /obstacles, self-esteem and anxiety complexes and even issues related to aggressiveness and weight loss.


Long story short, we hope you have understood that alternative medicines are an ocean of possibilities to solve physical, mental and above all, spiritual ailments. That is why we invite you to visit any of the professional centers in Ibiza and learn more about these techniques that manage to harmonize the human being with the universe, with his soul, spirit, mind and even body.”

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