The most beautiful lighthouses of Ibiza and Formentera

4 Febbraio, 2019

In different shapes, colors and sizes, the lighthouses serve to save life and as a guide so that the sailors arrive safely to their destination. Here are the most beautiful lighthouses of Ibiza and Formentera!


Over the centuries thousands of stories have been told about the lighthouses, their inhabitants, and the magical magnetism they produce.


Punta Grossa lighthouse



This project by Emili Pou was controversial because it was believed that it should be located on the islet of Tagomago. Its construction was not easy. Being located at an inaccessible point, the materials had to be transported by sea.

In addition, during the work, it was discovered that these were of poor quality and had to be replaced. Finally it was inaugurated in 1870 and shortly after the error in its location was patent, reason why the lighthouse of Tagomago was constructed. The Punta Grossa stopped working in 1916. The lighthouse is located inside the plot of a private house, and the whole property is for sale.


En Pou lighthouse



The En Pou lighthouse was built as the Ahorcados lighthouse was insufficient and to mark the Freo Grande between Ibiza and the island of Formentera.

It was inaugurated in March of 1864, the optic was acquired in France, to the company “Henry Lepaut”. Quickly began to see disadvantages of the approach to the sea, since water entered the home of carers.


Moscarter lighthouse



The Portinatx Lighthouse or Moscarter Lighthouse is located at Punta de Moscarter in Portinatx and is the highest lighthouse in the Balearic Islands and the last one to be converted.

In days of strong wind or storms you can see how this concrete colossus wobbles with its immense height.

For sailors, the lighthouse of Portinatx is a great reference of the north of the island of Ibiza, for tourists in a beautiful lighthouse placed impressively on the rocks in a virgin area of high ecological value.


Faro de Cap de Barbaria



The lighthouse is located at the southernmost point of the Balearic Islands, and one of the most visited and attractive places on the island of Formentera. Although the origin of its name is not very clear, it is possible that it is due to its proximity to the African coasts, known as barbarians, from where the island was attacked several times.

But also, it is one of the most emblematic places of Formentera thanks to its wonderful sunsets and the hole through which you can access the cova foradada (the holed cave).



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