Myths and legends of Ibiza

Myths and legends of Ibiza 9

A long long time ago…. Vestiges have proven that the island was inhabited in the Bronze Age. Later, the Phoenicians arrived (8th century B.C.) and after them, the Greeks, who called it the ‘Pityusic Islands’, “islands covered with pines”. Then, in 654 B.C., the Carthaginians established and founded Ibosim (in honour of God Bes). The island under control […]

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18 Mai, 2020

Ibiza in the Seventies.

Ibiza in the Seventies. 13

In the 70s Ibiza was already desired throughout the whole planet.  From 1960 in Ibiza, as in all the Balearic Islands, began a frantic tourism growth here had its own personality, with the hippie movement, and that eventually would lead to a young and party tourism, becoming the capital of the young party in Europe. […]

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27 Janvier, 2020

Ibiza: not only beaches!

Ibiza: not only beaches! 20

Ibiza is famous for its beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes, its excellent weather and, of course, its unbeatable nightlife. An island described by Time Out magazine as « arguably the clubbing capital of the universe ». However, many people don’t know how brilliant Ibizan urban tourism is.The beauty of its cities and the charm of the villages. […]

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23 Décembre, 2019