How registering as a resident in Ibiza can be a smarter idea than you think 

29 September, 2022


Numerous tourists believe Ibiza is the ideal destination either for vacation or nightlife. Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza form the Balearic Islands which are located in Spain precisely in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza’s notorious nightlife and beaches attracts a large quantity of tourists making the island one of the most visited in the world during summer, by Italians, French, Germans, Dutch and British. Being the third largest island among the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is well known for its natural beauty, its electronic dance music clubs which are located in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni. The island is the home of numerous touristic sites such as Portal de ses Taules, Castle of Ibiza and Torre de ses Portes. Throughout the years, Ibiza has been growing and has encouraged foreigners to visit the archipelago during summer. 

Ibiza’s population has been growing since the last 25 years and now it has approximately 160,000 habitants where almost 120,000 are Spanish, it is the second most populated among the Balearic Islands after Mallorca. In fact during summertime, this digit doubles making it approximately around 2 million people from all around the world, tourism is what boosts the archipelago’s economy. Its charm has made a considerable amount of tourists move permanently to the island, mostly Germans, British and Italians. 


Although Ibiza has a great reputation worldwide, many people think it has a high cost of living, yet, it is surprising that prices are similar to cities such as Barcelona and the Spanish capital, Madrid, as a consequence people either Spanish or foreigners, and are willing to invest on the island. 

In Spain it is important to register as a resident. In order to do this procedure, locals must go to the Town Hall of their designated city or town. This registration proves the citizen’s home address. Registering in Ibiza brings with it numerous advantages for locals who are already registered as residents of the island. Residents have a 75% discount on plane and ferry tickets, and are allowed to vote. Citizens may also have discounts on municipal sports centers and even in nightclubs. 


To be able to register as a resident, it is essential to live on the island, nowadays it is possible to get the registration online through the Town Hall’s website, if not, it is achievable to make the registration in person by requesting an appointment. Both locals and foreigners can register, however, the documentation required for Spaniards is different in comparison with foreigners. Locals must present their original ID (DNI) and a copy, meanwhile citizens from the European Union must present their designated documentation by their country and the “Registro Central de Extranjeros” Certificate, which are reports issued by the autonomous communities in Spain, this document shows information on different aspects of the evolution of the situation of foreigners during their stay in Spain. If a foreigner is not part of the European Union, a valid ID from their country must be shown in order to complete the registration.


Part of the process is to prove that the people that are trying to register actually live on the island. There are innumerable ways to demonstrate it. One way is owning a property, yet to prove the ownership, the person interested in registering must present a document named “Nota simple registral” (which shows the property’s information and registration data) or the IBI receipt. 

If the individual does not have a property, but lives rented, the city council needs the contract where the name and surname of the individual interested in registering appears. Besides, it is mandatory to show the receipt of any service such as electricity or water and fill in the register form provided by the Town Hall or can be printed in the website. 


There are some cases when names and surnames do not appear in the contract, in this situation, the mandatory documentation is different. Individuals must provide a photocopy of the ID (DNI) of the house owner and another photocopy of the ID (DNI) of the contract holder, plus the register form and it is also essential to submit two model forms M024, one must be filled and signed by the owner and the second one by the contract holder, this form can be obtained through the website as well. 


These days, according to the local newspaper “Diario de Ibiza” Ibiza has around 150,000 people registered as residents on the island, and this data keeps growing as the island captures the attention of multiple visitors and Spaniards themselves.


In the following links you will find all the information you need to register in Ibiza or in any of its municipalities:

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