Documentation needed in a sale transaction

4 February, 2019

Below, we explain what is the documentation required in a real estate transaction, and everything that must be taken into account throughout the process before the formalization of the definitive contracts.


Documentation required in the sale process



At the time of the sales order

The owner must submit the following documents:

  • Photocopy of the Property Deed
  • Receipt of Real Estate Tax (IBI)
  • Minutes of the last Meeting of the Community of Co-Owners
  • Settlements of community accounts (the last full year)

In addition, and prior to the start of commercialization of the property, it will be necessary to have:

  • Energy Efficiency Certificate in force: must be available to customers interested in the property, in addition to advertising the label or qualification obtained
  • Technical Building Inspection Certificate, in the cases in which the law establishes it
  • Sales order that will be formalized between the owner and the Real Estate Agency

At the moment of formalizing the private Contract and the sales Deed



In addition to the documents already presented when formalizing the sales order, the following will be presented:

  • Identification document (DNI, CIF, NIE)
  • Notarial certificate of representation, if applicable
  • In the case of marriages in separation of property: Deed of Marriage Capitulations or Literal Certificate of Marriage
  • Certificate of the Community of Co-owners to be up to date in the payments (we will take care of their obtaining)
  • Recent receipts from: gas, electricity, water and garbage supplies
  • Other documentation, in certain cases, such as Testamentarías


Verifications made in the sale process

The reliability and safety of both parties are fundamental, therefore, before and during the sales process, the following checks and verifications are carried out:

In the formalization of the sales order

  • Review of the property’s cadastral record, review of the urban situation of the property and its rating
  • Collection of data on expenses and possible works in the community, as well as on the general condition of the building in which the property is located

In the formalization of the sales contract

  • Review of the status of payments in the Municipal Collection
  • Review of the situation of the Community of Co-Owners in relation to payments and works approved by it, and even possible works that could be approved in the short or medium term
  • Review and confirmation of the following information in the Property Registration: the state of charges, ownership of the property and possible easements on it



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