The Hippie side of Ibiza

30 June, 2021

Since the early 1960s Ibiza has been a global referent on hippie culture and lifestyle, becoming through the decades a haven for the hippie and boheme community worldwide. The perfect retreat for hippie and spirituality enthusiasts, artists, eco and green movement supporters, Ibiza most importantly is a melting pot that enables these alternative peoples from all around the world to mix, beautifully bringing them together creating active communities that have grown into businesses and hallmarks such us hippie street markets and handcrafts, gastronomic bars and trends, art and music must-see´s and even magical and esoteric sites around the island awaiting to be discovered. Do you feel overwhelmed by the senseless partying, the loud hustle and sometimes unfair portrayal of the island and would rather want to escape into a calm and zen experience and meet extraordinary people? Then this is going to catch your eye. 

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Planes en Ibiza: Descubre el Night Market de Las Dalias Ibiza


Perhaps the most popular and renowned hippie beach, Cala Benirrás is located on the northwest side of the island. Benirrás is famous for its memorable sunsets always accompanied by drum sessions led by local artists and spontaneous guests alike, the vibes can be felt as the sun descends into the horizon and the drums get more intense until the climax, the love and camaraderie that is created here almost feels like it’s a love ritual to give back to the island. Sundays are the most crowded days, when hundreds of curious folk and tourists join the locals in the sunset drum ceremony. Mountain footgear would be a good idea and definitely recommended, walking for a bit till reaching Benirrás. Also, arriving early is a good idea, especially in August.

Playa cala benirras de ibiza en sant joan. | Foto Premium

For lovers of naturism, there are several spots to bear in mind like Aguas Blancas in the northwest or Es Cavallet by Ses Salines.

Aguas Blancas beach, Ibiza | Discover Ibiza

Ibiza is also famous for its hippie markets, a tradition that has only gained exponential traction over the decades and is conformed by hundreds of sellers, artisans and artists that offer incredible handmade and exotic products and art, jewelry and fashion accessories, from local and european unique clothing lines and items to imports of asian influence.

The colorful hippie markets are its own universe and in their surroundings boil with excitement and activity. You can find all kinds of culinary options to satisfy your cravings while street musicians or local djs will fill the background with good vibes. 

Punta Arabi in Es Canár might be the oldest and most popular market in Ibiza. Opening every wednesday from 10:00 to 18:00. The market has everything your unmaterialistic hippie self could desire and more, and you should take a peek at the nearby street Calle de los Artesanos where you will see the artisans working their crafts. 

Hippy Market Punta Arabí | Descubre ibiza

El mercado de Las Dalias in San Carlos also has a long tradition and opens every Saturday all year round. Las Dalias will not disappoint you, in the summer season the have their night market on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 19:00 to 1:00. The lighting, the colours blended with the music and magic atmosphere  will most definitely make up for a great evening. 

Mercadillo Las Dalias Ibiza, San Carlos - Guía de Ibiza

There are some interesting new proposals when it comes to restaurants, lounges and bars. Sluiz Restaurant located in Sant Josep, offers exclusive dinners and an unforgettable experience as you join the entertainers and musicians of the establishment after diving into their huge and fabulous wardrobe to dress up for the occasion. A living music video will ensue as you have the most boheme time of your life with your new friends from Sluiz. 

Sluiz ibiza en Santa Eulalia del Río: 2 opiniones y 29 fotos

Anitas bar is located in Sant Carles and is a classic of the hippie bars of the island. With a rich history and preserving the charm of their old ways, they offer their handmade herbal liquors and quality tapas for good prices. Other more than worthy mentions are Bar Costa in Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera or Comidas Bar San Juan in Ibiza`s old city center.

Ca n'Anneta (Bar Anita) - Ibiza 5 Sentidos

Ibiza has a rich mythology of places of power all around her. Es Vedrá and the Bay of Atlantis are the most popular sites. Located at the southwest of the island, the huge rock of Es Vedrá emerges out of the ocean magnificently to allow you to feel its power and aura in an unbeatable setting. Some stories whisper that Es Vedrá is the last visible part of the lost city of Atlantis. 

Es Vedrà, Cala d'Hort Ibiza | Discover Ibiza

Sa Pedrera or Atlantis as is known by some locals, is a magical area famous by its wondrous squared rock formations created in the 16th century by miners. It became popular in the hippie movement in Ibiza as they believed these strange rocks were remains of Atlantis. 

Pedrera de Cala d'Hort (Atlantis) - Ibiza 5 Sentidos

Es Amunts is a natural reserve in the north of the island the size of a quarter of its total land. A rich environment with different intermingling landscapes and flora and fauna. A must go experience for anyone that wants to connect with nature, oneself and the spirit of Ibiza.

Els Amunts | Parques Naturales | Recomendaciones | España Fascinante

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