Deeper underground: Ibiza’s gorgeous cave tourism you never knew existed.

28 July, 2021

You  may already be familiar with the dreamy beaches Ibiza has to offer and we have to tell you, there is still so much more to the island that meets the eye. Actually some of the most astonishing views of the island are underground in several sites apt for guided tours and public access. We are going cavesighting, and you are going to love it. Dare to journey into the beautiful underground world of the island this summer.


The island bears plenty of visible caverns and holes across its coastline, many of them used over the years by different cultures, pirates, hermits and in the late 60s by the hippies that came to settle in communes from all over the world.


Ibiza’s terrain is mostly composed of limestone lithology. Limestone is famously permeable and has the capacity to filter rain water and create great aquifers beneath the surface, and as a result big galleries and caves have been sculptured over thousands of years.


These aquifers also are responsible for creating natural wells, springs and fountains such as la Font des Verger (Morna), la Font d´en Xico Sala (sa Marina), el Pou de Baix (Vila de Santa Eulària), la Font de Perella (Arabí de Dalt), la Font de Balàfia and Pere Mosson (Balàfia de Dalt).



Sa Cova des Culleram en Ibiza, España con clasificaciones y reseñas - Guías  de Viaje Baleares Ibiza


Hiding among the shore, mountains and woods of the vicinity of Cala San Vicent, you will discover la cova des Culleram. It used to be inhabited by the Carthaginians in the past, they devoted this site to one of their main punic divinities, the goddess Tanit. This historical sanctuary is distributed in three areas that allegedly served for celebrating rituals and ceremonies. You can visit the cave from April 1st to the end of the season in October in morning hours only.



De excursión a las Cuevas de Can Marçà con Aquabus | Aquabus Ferry Boats

Located in the north part of the island, specifically in Sant Miquel de Balasant nearing Sant Joan de Labritja, get ready to experience a surprising and overwhelming visit to an otherworldly landscape of stalactites and stalagmites. This natural enclave is simultaneously a visitable cave and an archaeological dig site of 100.000 years of age.


Its location has one of the best views of San Miquel’s Port and the Torre d’es Mular. The atmosphere of the cave is really breathtaking and some evidence of its use through the years still can be seen, legends say these cavernary structures served as the perfect hideout during piracy times, and treasures and hints could still be lying around!


If you are interested in visiting la Cueva de San Miquel, its opening season goes from May 1st to October 31st and is available for visiting from 10:30 to 20:00. You can make reservations (advisable, specially in high season) for a 40 minute tour that will blow you away at a really cheap fare, 10 euros for adults and 6 euros for kids.



Amazing natural blue | Cueva de Cala Llonga | Christian Fuentes | Flickr

Known as “la Catedral del Mar” (The Sea’s Cathedral) this cave is located 30 meters underneath a viewpoint in Cala Llonga, at Santa Eulalia del Río. It’s name was given due to the likeness of it’s magnificent natural dome with a height of 15 meters and the luminescent effects from sunlight that make their way into the cave for an unparalleled vista.



Wikiloc | Foto de ALTURA - COVA SANTA (5/6)

La Cova Santa is perhaps one of the most well known caves of the island, hosting events occasionally and having gone “mainstream” in the last few years. You can access it through a crack of one of the mountain’s sides leading to an open space of more than 25 meters of depth. It’s beautifully illuminated with colorful lighting and it makes for a delightful and memorable visit.




Aquarium de Es Cap Blanc - Ibiza 5 Sentidos

La Cueva Ses Llagostes is a peculiar site that won’t leave you indifferent. On the contrary you will be surprised to discover a cave that has been arranged into an aquarium (Aquarium Cap Blanc) and is adapted for tourist visitation. You will find unexpected fauna guests like seabasses, sharks and rays that comfortably inhabit the seawater aquifers of this natural cave network. It really is a great option for families, kids will be specially enthused with the refreshing experience for sure.




Ses Fontanelles - Ibiza 5 Sentidos

La Cueva Ses Fontanelles, located to the north of Sant Antoni de Portmany, at Es Cap nonó’s feet and is the only known site in the island to host unique and historical cave paintings.



cuevasantaagnes1 - Ibiza 5 Sentidos

A magical underground cave turned into a chapel, it is considered the oldest church of the island. Since the third century it has been a site for christian cult and later occupied and used by the arabs. In the early 19th century it was closed due to collapsing hazard but since then has been rediscovered and restored. Unfortunately this cave is located in what is now private land, and is unfortunately unavailable for public access.

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